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Stretch & Slim Yoga

Available for Everybody

  • 220 港元
  • Afresh Yoga Kwun Tong


為增強身體柔軟度及針對僵硬緊蹦的肌肉筋腱,以漸進的方式,鬆開關節肌肉,釋放肌肉緊張,延展韌帶及肌肉;亦把動作調整達至正位,同時配合呼吸法,治療疲勞,增加關節的活動幅度,減低身體勞損的機率及預防運動創傷。 In order to stretch the stiff and tight muscle tendons, stretch and slim yoga release muscle tension and extend ligaments and muscles in a gradual manner. Moreover, adjust the movements to the right position, and cooperate with breathing to achieve healing effects, treating fatigue, increasing the range of motion of joints, reducing the chance of physical strain and preventing sports trauma.



  • King Palace Plaza, King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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