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Fly Yoga

  • 220 港元
  • Afresh Yoga Kwun Tong


空中瑜伽(伸展與核心),以中空,甚至高中式子練習較多,建議有空中瑜伽經驗者較好,同時需要較強的臂力及核心肌力控制身體於空中轉動。空中瑜伽對臂力的要求能修緊手臂線條,提高身體靈活性,亦為學習進階的吊床空中瑜伽打下紮實基本功。 The general Fly Yoga Class will contain more middle and high-altitude exercises. It is recommended to who have certain experience for Fly Yoga. Fly yoga requires higher arm strength, requiring strong arm strength and core strength to control the body to rotate in the air. Therefore, Fly Yoga can tighten the arm lines, improve the flexibility of the body, and also lay the basic skills for learning advanced Hammock Aerial Yoga.



  • King Palace Plaza, King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


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